1,099,511,627,776 bytes

is not enough already. I need another Tera. No, not Patrick, you perv. Bites. Er.. Bytes. ^_^


I have received years of formal engineering training. I am a technical person professionally. I am an engineer. A mechanical engineer. I am the right-brained guy.

Personally, I like training my left brain. I appreciate good art (whatever that makes me go – uu.. pretty!). I appreciate all the minute details that makes something beautiful, and I appreciate myself for appreciating all those miniscule details.



Gift giving shouldn’t be taken for granted. Neither should it be seasonal.

5 Years

is not enough to make you bored with work. If you are, then you are not progressing.

Router Woes Part II

Brought the bugger home and use it instead of my trusty Buffalo. Got disconnected every now and then. Manually disconnecting and connecting again via the router web interface solved to problem. That’s it, am taking it back. Tapi nak beli Linksys takde wang. How la? ^_^

Router Woes

I just purchased a new wifi router with a built in modem since the old one somehow stopped working. Now i’m having problems connecting to the router from my macbook air, iphone and ipad.

Thinking of returning it and getting a ‘better’ brand. haih!