Book ID

Now I can stamp my name on my books. Finished this one last night. Honestly, I have a lot to improve. Traced the type off my LCD monitor. The cartoon character is by yours truly, tapi ada sikit-sikit rip off stroke Aie, the great artist. Sorry bro, stroke lu cun la.

The block I used for this one was the Faber Castell Multimark Eraser. Definitely not the easiest to work with. It’s somewhat brittle, and being green, it’s quite difficult to make out the traced pattern. Next time, i think i’ll outline the traced pattern with a Pigment Ink pen.

But then again, that might just be me. I’m an amateur after all. 🙂 Oh, just in case you’re curious, that’s ‘Remember Me’ by Sophie Kinsella. Baru baca halfway. Not bad for a light read.


5 Responses to Book ID

  1. Najmi says:

    wahh. abg. cool gak stamp tuu. comel2. bkn steadler ek?

  2. Izzat says:

    staedtler punya eraser lage senang nak carve. lembut. hehe. apa lagi, bikin la satu. Beli xacto knife satu, dengan staedtler mastercarve lino carving tool.

  3. ome says:…menjadi gak hobby u..

  4. hi izzat,

    staedtler mastercarve lino tools? Mana?! Mana?! Mana boleh dapat?

    i think your carving has improved alot. kalau dah boleh ukir mata yg kecil tu ertinya dah mula steady lah tu.

    hehe…you remind me of myself at the beginning of stamp carving..i only buy branded, expensive erasers. hehe.

  5. Izzat says:

    ome – thank you. 🙂

    mangosteenskin – hehe… thanks for dropping by. lepas ni nak beli eraser pasar malam jek! mahal2 pun tarak guna.. haha

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