Pasca Kejadian

I am back in Shah Alam, at my in-law’s place. We have planned a full house cleaning today. The thing is, pagar keliling rumah aku is a healthy bush of not-so-well-maintained pokok teh pagar, and we’re talking 6 feet high healthy! I have decided that the generous bush is actually the reason why someone would be so brave to masuk and kopak rumah aku. The thing is, rumah tu is a corner house next to a somewhat busy road. Jalan yang kereta, motor, basikal dan pejalan kaki dok lalu lalang nak keluar dari kawan perumahan tu, and also to go to the surau, which is a 45 seconds walk from my house. Rimbun pokok tu memang menghalang pandangan dari luar ke dalam, and vice versa,  so once the culprits are inside the compound, basically they’re free to do what they like.

Having said that, hari ni kitorang nak bikin operation to clear the pokok teh. Sori abah, i know you love the pokok, but am sure you love your family more (my parents are away for the weekend, so they won’t be able to join the fun). And I have requested for my contractor friend to come and measure the length of the pagar – aku nak suruh dia construct pagar batu, dengan jeriji besi (supaya orang luar boleh nampak dalam), campur sharp broken shards of glass on top and, a couple of tesla coil for good measure.


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