Disconnected to Get Connected

So I’m sitting at a kopitiam near my office, gulping down kopi ais to get rid of some work related stress (stupid excel!) and I couldn’t help but notice a young couple sitting in front of me. The guy was busy on his HP netbook, obviously looking for available free WiFi, and there was the wifey (I assume they’re married, judging by that huge stone sitting nicely on a white gold ring on wrapping her jari manis), looking all bored. They were disconnected with each other while the hubby is looking for a connection. Ironic, and i’m sure this has happened to most of us. We disconnect ourselves from the real world and immerse ourselves in a virtual wonderland.

The guy remind me of myself a little while ago. I finally got myself together and told myself  to get a life! Same goes to you (you know who you are). Keep that nifty gadget in your hand (just for a little bit) and pay full attention to the person sitting in front of you.

This is why i love my E71. I can write a full blogpost on it. I’m not sure I’d have the patience to deal with all the typos should I use an iPhone or other touchscreen devices. Kalau kamu berblog menggunakan iPhone atau apa sahaja gadget  skrin sentuh, wa saspek sama lu lah!


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