Handcrafted Rubber Stamps

Inspired by what I saw over at mangosteenskin.blogspot.com, I decided to give it a try. Not Bad for a novice, ain’t it?

Tools – A craft knife, some cheap wood carving tools (considering a proper set of lino carving tools) and erasers. Proper carving blocks  are too expensive for my skills.

3 Responses to Handcrafted Rubber Stamps

  1. Uan says:

    Izzat, good start… Susah gak ek.. sebab kalo nak buat perkataan, ko kena bajet benda tu terbalik… Mmmm.. ke ade teknik??

  2. izzat says:

    Ko tak payah belajar camana nak tulis terbalik. Guna tracing paper. Ko tulis atas kertas biasa guna pensel 2B ke 4B ke (lagi lembut lagi terang), pahtu salin atas tracing paper, pahtu terbalikkan, transfer the pattern onto the rubber. setel. hehehe…

  3. Uan says:

    Ic..ic.. heheheh

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