A Pleasant Surprise

Mama nak beli henfon baru. Mama suka henfon yang ada stylus. Mama suka touch screen. Kata mama, “Mudah kalau ada touch screen”. Having had my share of unpleasant experiences with such device, I would never agree with that, but then again, Mama is entitled to her own opinion and personal preference. So she wanted a HTC PDA Phone. Any A stylish HTC under the RM2,000 price mark. Being me, I advised her against ALL Windows Mobile devices. On the other hand, I recommended the recently launched Nokia XpressMusic 5800. Why? Because it’s a Symbian touch screen device.

Algoritma yang aku guna: Symbian > Windows Mobile. Titik.

Kalau ikutkan hati nurani aku, nak je aku rekomen E71, but that is out of the story.

So before I took her to the Nokia Store, I went for a test-drive myself, praying hard that it will be worth buying (or else Mama will stick to her HTCs). Long story short, I was pleasantly surprised. The keyboard is responsive and stable, both the mini QWERTY and the full-screen QWERTY. The interface is nicely structured and categorized, a rather well known trait of  Nokia. The screen is beautiful. The calendar has this professional and executive edge to it (not unlike the Calendar on my E71) and the sound it produces, impressive.

So I brought Mama to check the phone out at the Nokia Concept Store in MidValley, and alhamdulillah, she liked it. And she bought it. The 5800 is now with me for fine tuning – Ringtones, Alert Tones, MP3s (it’s a mobile phone cum media player after all) et cetera. To be frank, it was an eye-opening experience. Previously, I simply dismiss the 5800 as ‘setaraf dengan ALL Windows Mobile devices’ just because it has a touch screen. I would NEVER have tried it if it was I considering a new phone.

That said, I’m glad I did.

Symbian. Satu. Windows Mobile. Kosong. Negatif <nombor feveret anda di sini>



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