Urusan Kaunter

Semalam, aku gi JPN for the purpose of registering my child. I arrived at around 8:30 and expected for the whole procedure to take at least 2 hours. However, to my surprise, everything was done in approximately 35 minutes. Impressive.

These are the documents required at JPN Shah Alam:

Salinan dan dokumen asal:
1. Surat nikah lelaki ATAU perempuan
2. Kad pengenalan ibu DAN bapa
3. Kad pengenalan pemaklum
4. Surat perakuan kelahiran bayi
5. Appointment card IBU

Have all the documents ready, and fill up the 2 pages form, and you’re good to go.

Memandangkan surat nikah kitorang ada kat aku, I decided to go to JAIS to apply for a kad-nikah.

These are the documents required:
1. Salinan surat nikah suami ATAU isteri
2. 2 keping gambar paspot suami
3. 2 keping gambar paspot isteri
4. duit – kalau tak silap aku RM10

No forms to fill up. Just show up with the documents and some cash, and you’re good to go.



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