Hello Symbian

Last year, wifey decided to get a PDA to help her manage her daily schedule better. Being a supportive husband (and an incurable geek), I fully stood behind the decision. I did the ritual pre-purchase research and decided on the HTC Touch. We got it for quite a bargain at the PC Fair, and the relationship began.

Having had a brief experience with Windows Mobile previously, she had little problem adjusting and with help from yours truly, she had all her appointments and to dos tucked nicely in the nifty little gadget in no time.

But the pleasant experience didn’t last very long. Data entry on the Touch proved to be,  at times, very frustrating. At its worst, even navigation become a chore, with finger or stylus. Before long, she stopped adding her appointments and to dos into the PDA and reverted back to the old paper organizer. I felt bad.

Not too long ago, I decided to trade my HTC TyTN II for the Nokia E71, on pretty much the same ground, and I’ve never been happier. Wifey, on the other hand insisted on keeping the Touch, despite not being able to fully utilize the features offered. Early this year, Nokia launched the E63, and I thought that it would be the best replacement for the Touch. After many discussions (she’s primarily concerned about the amount of money involved, much more than I would care) she agreed.

Today, she’s got her brand new E63 and looks like the relationship between the two is goingto be great. She loves the QWERTY keyboard. She might need to spend a little time learning the menus and features, but once that’s out of the way, I’m pretty sure the E63 will be her most valued time and task management tool.

We shall see… I hope for the best.


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