Butter Prawn

I loved butter prawn. Naturally, I looked up the recipe and attempted to prepare the dish, and failed spectacularly.


What I did right
– I peeled and deveined the prawns nicely and they look delicious!

What I did wrong
– not enough curry leaves
– too much butter
– For the butter sauce, I mixed the corn flour with hot water, which rendered it sticky and gluey. Should have used cold water.

Oh well, tak sedap pun habis juga. That’s the beauty of cooking for yourself. haha.


2 Responses to Butter Prawn

  1. momof2 says:

    Abang izzat like butter prawn…fauzan love butter chicken..erm..genetic influence?


  2. no-na says:

    this butter prawn has been a work in progress for me for ages haha paling best, goreng udang dengan butter once cooked aku tabur je crushed cornflakes from k3llogs. a bit of pepper and salt to taste. to me that’s heavenly to my tastebud…. for now.

    eh, did I tell you I’m at spasticz now?

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