G0t P@$$w0rd?

Do you use a password manager on your mobile phone to store all you passwords? If you do, the idea of losing the phone is a nightmare. Here’s a tip I’d like to share to ease the stress. I personally use Epocware Handy Safe on my Nokia E71. In the developer’s own words – This software uses Strong 448-bit data encryption (Blowfish) keeps your data private and secure. Don’t worry, I don’t have the slightest idea of what that meant, but I believe the developer is trying to say – It is very difficult for people to steal your passwords. If you’re still not convinced, try this. Have a system with your passwords, and make it a simple system. For example, if your password is 123456, add 1 to the last no before you key it into the password manager. Therefore, it would appear as 123457 instead. This way, if someone actually manage to see it, it’s not the right password. Feel free to go wild with the system (or whatever you wish to call it), but make sure it’s easy enough for you to remember. That aside, There are loads of tips and tricks on creating good passwords. Google them. Speaking of good passwords, here’s another trick. Find something you can strongly relate to and put it in a sentence. If you could add in some numbers to it, all the better. A typical example would be “I lived in Kuala Lumpur for 7 years”, take the first alphabets and numbers and you get this – iliklf19y. How about that for a password? and for your password manager, you could minus 1 from the last number – getting iliklf18y. Now take your time and come up with a system you could use for all your passwords, and if your passwords are way out of the ‘secure’ circle , change them. Cheers! SS


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