My Dell Inspiron Mini 9

I have had the IM9 for approximately a month now. I’ve been using it quite extensively to be able to write a fair review based on my usage.


Despite having a an engineering background, I greatly appreciate good product designs. The IM9, IMHO, has a great design. I love the clean clamshell design. It’s comfortable to handle and to carry around. Plus, it’s quite a head-turner. However, the glossy white lid is quite a smudge magnet. Not a big issue to me though. I could always wipe the prints off using my shirt.


Having had a 2.4kg Inspiron 630m for almost 3 years, carrying this IM9 is heavenly. Weighing at slightly above the 1kg mark, the tiny machine feels really light. I carried the machine a few times to my meetings and the experience so far is very good. I recenty purchased a Golla carrying case and the IM9 fits in perfectly.


The keyboard on the IM9 is 88% smaller than the normal keyboard. This is the part where I had most difficulties with. I’m not (yet) a touch-typer, but I could type pretty well. They keyboard on the IM9 really needs getting used to. I’ve been using it for a month and I still mistype a lot. Well, I mistype a lot on a normal keyboard, but on the IM9, I make 30% more mistakes! haha. So, if you type a lot, better make sure you’re okay with the keyboard.

Screen Size

The 8.9″ screen is okay. It’s not too comfortable to work on for extended period, especially if you’re typing. It’s great for movies though.

Processing power

The IM9 hasn’t got the most powerful processor on a notebook by far, but it has ebough juice to run regular word processing softwares and web browsers. I could watch a 640 x 368 resolution divx movie and I’m happy with it. Some users has reported that photoshop and studio max runs fine on IM9, but i doubt so.I have yet to try them since i only have an 8GB SSD storage.


This one I’m not too happy with. 8GB is tiny especially when XP is hogging approximately 5GB of space.

Battery life

I have to say, I’m impressed by the battery life on this thing. On a full charge, I manage to watch one and a half hours worth of movie, with the WiFi turned on, only to spend about almost half the juice of the battery. I wonder how long would this machine would last should Dell release an extended-life battery.

Well, that’s about it. I’ve been putting this review on hold for a very long time, and now it’s done. It’s definitely not the best, but i hope it could shed some light on the matter for those who are interested in purchasing the IM9. I’d rate the IM9 3.5 out of 5. If you’re from Dell, please work on your keyboard design, buddy. Cheers!



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