I Went InvisibleShield on my E71

…and decided to come back. Purchased the shield from a local bulk purchase for RM80. Received the package after a month of waiting and delayed putting it on for approximately 2 weeks. Finally, decided that I am good enough to install the shield, so i went all the way. Including the screen shield. I put it on at home, at my workstation, at night. The next day, the truth was revealed. Isuck at installing such stuff. To begin with, i didn’t use a lint free cloth. So, long story short, I peeled most of the shield off this morning. The screen shield is still intact, but am seriously planning to have it replaced. The lint under the shield is killing me!. I, however would prefer to have the rear shield on. It improves the grip, thus ergo my confidence while handling the otherwise drop-prone phone.

Why should you install the invisibleshield on your phone?
– It’s a real good scratch protector, unless of course you drop it. The shield protects from scratches, not dents.
– It improves grip real good.

Issues I have with it
– The shield takes away a little of the shiny glory of my E71. Not a big issue though.
– It turns your phone into a nightmare should you not careful while installing it.

That being said, if you decide to gat the IS, make sure your skills are good enough to install it. Otherwise, get someone else to do it for you.


3 Responses to I Went InvisibleShield on my E71

  1. Thank you for this review of our product. Please take advantage of the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Contact our customer service department at questions@zagg.com and tell them what happened with your installation. They can offer installation tips as well as get a replacement sent out to you. If anyone would like any more information on the invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG, please feel free to email us at questions@zagg.com. Thanks!

  2. izzat says:

    Thanks Chris. Will look it up.

  3. agk1997 says:

    I ve an invisible sheild dont thet rock bY zagg! Ps. please come comment my blog!!

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