Out With The Old, In With The New

I’ve decided to dive deeper into online apps and cloud computing, given the tiny storage on this Mini 9. I have 80GB on my almost 3 years old Inspiron 630m and I’ve been hoarding softwares all these time. I installed the whole Microsoft Office package without actually knowing what does what. I have iTunes, Winamp and MediaMonkey for music management. The list continues. Everything is almost redundant.

On the Mini 9, that is a thing in the past. I restrict myself from installing everything that does the same thing. 8GB is really tight, and it gets worse with XP Home SP3 hogging approximately 5.5GB of real estate. That brings me to the thought of cloud computing and online applications and storage. I have 2GB of storage over at box.net, 2 at dropbox and another 2 that comes with my google account. I’ve heard of users who fully utilize google docs and google gears. I should be heading that way.

With that set, I should have no problem playing around with my soon to be installed Leopard on this tiny machine.  Wish me luck!



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